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View / print the District Map (drawn in Sept. 1974)

View / print the Review Standards (approved Aug. 3, 2015)

The purpose of the Review Standards is to guide rehabilitation and construction in the historic districts in the Town of Chelmsford in order to preserve and protect the distinctive characteristics of buildings and places significant in the history and architectural heritage of the town.

The goal is to minimize reliance on the individual tastes and preferences of those who happen to be awarding permits and instead set up clear rules that everyone will understand.

Do not hesitate to contact the Historic District Commission about signage and construction projects within the District, or to get on their meeting agenda.

Members and Contact Info:

A list of current members, with their telephone and email contact information, is posted here in the Town Officials list.


  • To preserve and protect the distinctive characteristics of buildings and places significant in the history of the Commonwealth and its cities and towns.

  • To improve and maintain the settings of those buildings and places.

  • To encourage new designs compatible with existing buildings in the district.

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Two forms are available here for printout in PDF format:

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness (Other than Signs)
Application for Certificate of Appropriateness (Signs)

  • Please submit the completed application at least two weeks prior to attendance at a Historic District Commission meeting.

  • District meetings are held on the first Monday of every month, except on Holidays.

  • Please check the Chelmsford Meeting Calendar before attending.

The Chelmsford Center Historic District Commission was established under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40C, and is independent of the Chelmsford Historical Commission.

It is comprised of not less than three and not more than seven volunteers,  who are appointed by the Town Manager, and approved by the Board of Selectmen for a 3-year term.

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Read the background documents for the District:

  • The Feb, 1975 Preliminary Report details plans for establishing the District.

  • The May, 1975 Final Report recommends acceptance of the proposed bylaw by Town Meeting.

  • The National Park Service Nomination Form recommends the Historic District for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places Inventory.

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