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2017 November 7
Rescanned 1955 Tercentennial Newsweekly with new Scannx 7145 system for the Events page

2017 March 30
Added 2017 Assessor's Database list of homes on the Homes Over 75 Years Old page

2017 March 25
Added Inventories in PDF format for the Middlesex Canal on the Monuments and Waterways pages

2016 December 6
Added access to 141 Annual Town Reports and 38 City Directories in PDF format to the People page

2016 November 21
Added 138 Inventories in PDF format and changed layout of all pages for cleanter look

2016 Sep 27
Updated all page navigation buttons to match color schemes used on the Town website

2016 Jul 13
Updated the Members page

2015 Aug 18
Inserted the August 3, 2015 approved Review Standards in the Historic District Commission page

2015 July 31
Updated all pages with the new email address:
Updated the Members page with open positions for another member and a clerk

2015 July 16
Updated the Members page with Deb Taverna voted as the new chairman

2015 March 31
Added the 7 North Road Committee Home Page page to the Web Links page

2014 December 31
Added Charles Frederick Jewelers at 18 Alpine Lane to the Home page

2014 October 15
Updated National Parks Preservation Info link on the Web Links page

2014 July 10
Laura Lee's position is now vacant, and Added Mary Jo Boxer as clerk to the Members page

2014 April 8
Added 1870 map of Chelmsford Center to the Maps page

2014 March 17
Added a link to the Middlesex Canal National Register Historic District to the Waterways page

2013 December 29
Added five historic US maps, courtesy of the Chelmsford Historical Society, and 11 community development maps, courtesy of the Town of Chelmsford, to the Maps page

2013 November 18
Added Chelmsford Vital Records from the Massachusetts Vital Records Project to the People page

2013 November 12
Added the Jedd C. Luce House at 79 High Street to the Homes page

2013 October 4
Added Gravestones and Builder's History by Catherine Goodwin to the Cemeteries page

2013 August 1
Updated Members page term expirations and open Clerk position

2013 July 19
Added 109 Billerica Road to the Homes Built Before 1940 Page

2013 May 27
Changed State Inventory link from 15 Adams Street to 15 Adams Avenue on the Homes Built Before 1940 Page

2013 May 22
Fixed the link to the First Baptist Church on the Churches Page

2013 May 8
Added a Fire Department History page to the Home Page

2013 May 6
Added the unpublished History of Chelmsford Massachusetts 1916-1960 by David E. LaPonsee (but rejected by the Committee to Update Town History) to the Home Page

2013 Apr 8
Added a map of surrounding towns with boundary line change history to the Maps Page

2013 Mar 14
Added the link to Amazon where the "History of Chelsmford 1910-1970 may be purchased

2013 Mar 12
Updated the Brief Town History timeline with content from the 2013 Chelmsford Historic and Cultural Preservation Plan

2012 Dec 17
Removed Church links from Web Links page and added Church website links to the Churches Page
The Cemeteries page was updated for clarity

2012 Dec 16
A link to a Center Common panorama showing wire an pole removal was added to the Home Page

2012 Nov 6
The color scheme for the entire website was changed to match the Town website scheduled to go live at the end of 2012

2012 Jul 30
A link to the Civil War archives page on the Historical Society website was added to the Home Page

2012 Jul 18
Plot maps were were added to the Cemeteries Page for the New and Historical sections of the Forefathers Burying Ground

2012 Jun 20
Slide show links were added for the Center Town Hall and Town Clock on the Home Page

2012 Mar 12
Town records for All Cemeteries were added to the Cemeteries and People pages

2012 Jan 16
A link to the Land Conservation Trust was added to the Web Links Page

2012 Jan 11
Revised many Home Page links and added History of Chelmsford 1910-1970 information
Added two Bruce Freeman Rail Trail maps to the Maps Page
Added one new Commission member and the new clerk to the Members Page
Added links to the Jane Drury news article and oral history recordings to the People Page
Added the Middlesex Training School to the Schools Page
Added a new link to the Web Links Page

2011 Dec 2
Repaired the link to the Federal Rehabilitation Standards website on the Home Page

2011 Oct 14
Info on the Historical Commission's sign program was added to the Home Page
A link to the Town Clock photo album was added to the Home Page

2011 Aug 31
Two photos were added to the Town Clock presentation

2011 Aug 2
A presentation on the Town Clock was added to the Meeting Halls page

2011 April 22
The Historical Commission Mission Statement was re-written per decision, April 12, 2011

2011 March 18
The Historical Commission Members page was updated

2011 February 18
A Plan of the Town of Chelmsford surveyed by John G. Hales in 1831 was added to the Maps Page
Google Map, MapQuest and Bing Map links were added to the Maps Page

2010 August 26
A short story, "Triumph Over Truancy" by George Cormier was added to the Home Page with the author's permission

2010 August 5
The list of houses on the Houses Built Before 1930 page was extended to 1940
The visitor counter on the Home Page was re-formatted to work on multiple browsers
The navigation buttons on all presentation pages were updated to work properly on multiple browsers
The Brief Town History page was updated to add a time line

2010 June 26
The Members page was updated to add Deb Taverna, and two terms of office were updated
The Members page was updated to add Maureen Cooper as Secretary

2010 Mar 21
Added link on Home Page to Oral History page on Historical Society website

2010 Feb 22
One broken link was fixed on the Home Page, and 17 were fixed on the What's New page

2009 Nov 16
Website main page navigation was upgraded
Website "Style Sheet" formatting was introduced

2009 Nov 06
Historical Commission Members list, new member Laura Lee was added
Preservation Funding in Massachusetts broken links were fixed

2009 Oct 06
246 Acton Road Jones Farm old photo c.1900 was added

2009 Sep 28
31 Princeton Street North Town Hall new content was added

2009 Aug 30
Links to the Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail website were added
The Town Halls banner and associated links were removed from the Home page
The link to the former Skips Diner website were removed from the Web Links page

2009 Aug 29
A printable Bruce Freeman Rail Trail historic sites map was added

2009 Mar 20
The Official Souvenir Program for the 250th Anniversary Celebration was added

2009 Mar 6
The revised Demolition Delay Bylaw which went into effect on February 25, 2009 was added

2009 Feb 2
Historical Commission Home Page has new links for a Webshots photo album of North Town Hall interior, plus North and Center Town Hall histories

2008 Nov 19
Academy Street on the Common Revolutionary Monument history and photos were added

2008 Nov 13
75 North Road Simeon Spalding House (The application for full demolition was withdrawn, and the owner
is developing a plan that preserves the historic portion of the home)

2008 Oct 15
Historical Commission Members (George Merrill is now Chairman)

2008 Sep 30
A list of preservation funding sources added to home page
(Supplied courtesy of Preservation Massachusetts and The National Trust for Historic Preservation)

2008 Sep 26
Historical Commission Members (Personnel update)
75 North Road Simeon Spalding House (Matthias Spalding history added)
75 North Road is up for possible demolition (Link to Independent article added to home page)

2008 Mar 8
25-27 Wright Street John Bradley House

2008 Mar 1
The Demolition Delay Bylaw was scanned from Town records as a printable PDF

2008 Feb 6
94 High Street Daniel Lane / Gage House

2007 Dec 26
15 Bartlett Street Bartlett House
105 Garrison Road Hill Jock House
219 Westford Street Benjamin Spaulding House (Photo update)
Chelmsford Historical Commission website moved to a commercial host site for easier maintenance

2007 Dec 17
Historical Commission Members (Bill Nolan added)

2007 Dec 11
280 Chelmsford Street Catherine Riley House (Demolition approved)
190 Middlesex Street Imperial Upholstery Dryhouse (Demolition approved)

2007 Dec 3
187 Robin Hill Road Osgood / Isaiah B. Spaulding House

2007 Dec 2
55 High Street Dr. Rix House (Content update)
66 High Street Elliott-Smith House (Content update)
45 Westford Street Walter Perham House (Content update)
37-39 Wright Street Fletcher / Otis Wright House

2007 Nov 13
68 School Street Isaac Bunker House (Demolition approved)
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