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The work of this committee was completed on September 28, 2015, with a presentation to the Chelmsford Board of Selectmen recommending a proposal by the Chelmsford Garden Club to utilize the site as a public space called the CHELMSFORD PUBLIC GARDEN.


View a 7.5 minute video history of the site covering 1952 through April 2015 on YouTube YouTube Video Committee Members:
  • Ed Acheson (Chairman)
  • David Antonelli
  • Paul McDougall
  • Fred Merriam
  • Brian Stripp
  • Glenn Thoren

Q & A

  • What was the 7 North Road Committee?
    The 7 North Road Committee was established and appointed by the Board of Selectmen to gather public input and evaluate all possible uses of the site and ultimately make recommendations for utilization of the site going forward.

  • What criteria were used to evaluate recommendations?
    1. What are you proposing for the site?
    2. How does the community benefit from your proposal?
    3. How will it be funded?
    4. How will it be maintained going forward?

  • What is the site zoned for?
    The site is in Zone P, which is reserved for Public Use.

  • How big is the lot?
    Approximately 0.27 acres, (140 feet deep x 85 feet wide).

  • What was the timeline of committee activities in 2015?
    1. March / April – Established goals and objectives and created web page on Town website.
    2. April – Presentation to Town Meeting and formally sought public input.
    3. May – Site walk with interested citizens
    4. May / June – Public input sessions.
    5. June to August – Evaluated all proposed uses
    6. Aug / Sept – Finalized recommendations
    7. September – Presented final recommendations to BOS

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