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101 Mill Road
101 Mill Road as seen from the mill pond

Mission Statement:
  • To collect and evaluate recommendations from citizens and organizations in the Town of Chelmsford for potential use of the House and property at 101 Mill Road.
  • To present to the Chelmsford Board of Selectman one or more proposals for the use of the property that the committee believes represents the best benefit to the community.
  • This committee was appointed for a term of up to one year.
  • Curtis Barton 978 250-1850
  • Louise Cryts 978 256-0870
  • Hugh Evans 978 256-5290
  • William Griffin (Chairman) 978 256-5363
  • Brian Latina 978 256-0721
  • Jennifer McGinn 978 250-3568
  • Martha Spalding unlisted

101 Mill Road
101 Mill Road as seen from the front

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Q & A

  • What is the  101 Mill Road Committee?
    The 101 Mill Road Committee was established and appointed by the Board of Selectmen to gather public input and evaluate all possible uses of the site and ultimately make recommendations for utilization of the property going forward.

  • I have an idea for what to do with the site. How do I let you know about it?
    Good: Call a member on the list above
    Best: Attend an open meeting

  • Are there any specific criteria you will be using to create recommendations?
    We will evaluate all plans based on the following criteria:

    1. What are you proposing for the property?
    2. How does the community benefit from your proposal?
    3. How will it be funded?
    4. How will it be maintained going forward?

  • What has the committee done so far?
    We've been asking questions, researching the answers, and listening to input from residents and town employees. Selectman Janet Askenburg has been instrumental in helping us connect with the appropriate people in the town government. Here is some of the input we've received during our meetings:

    • We invited the abutters to the property to meet us at the site, to look around and to give us their thoughts on what they thought should and shouldn't be done with the property
    • Jim Martin, a member of the Tree Committee, attended a meeting to request that the trees on the property be left in tact
    • Nick Parlee from the Department of Public Works gave us a report on the condition of the property
    • Dave Sperry and George Ripsom, trustees of 99 Mill Road, gave us a presentation on the Old Mill Stream property, history, and current activities
    • Evan Belansky told us how the property could and couldn't be used, based on the current zoning (see the question below, "What are the acceptable and prohibited uses for the site?")

    For more information on what we've heard and discussed, you can find our meeting minutes here on the Town website.

  • When does the Committee meet?
    Usually we meet every other Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in Room LL06 at the Town Offices.
    Check the Meeting Calendar on the town website before attending.

  • Can anyone attend?
    Anyone can attend, and public input is welcome at the beginning of each meeting.

  • What is the site zoned for?
    The site is in Zone RB, which is reserved for Single Residence.

  • What are the acceptable and prohibited uses for the site?
    Evan Belansky, Director of Community Development, attended the April 15th committee meeting, and noted the following acceptable uses for the property:

    • Single-family home
    • Conversion of single family into a two family - with special permit
    • Exempt uses according to MGL chapter 40A section 3 (for example: religious use, educational use, family daycare, etc)
    • Municipal uses
    • Boarding house - with special permit
    • Riding academy - with special permit

    A full list of acceptable and prohibited uses can be seen here on the Town website.

  • Since the site is not located in Town Center, is it subject to historic oversight?
    Major reconstruction or demolition is subject to review by the Historical Commission.

  • How big is the lot?
    Approximately 1.73 acres as laid out on this plot. Its borders include the Historic Mill Stream to the west and the Russell Mill Pond and Town Forest Reservation at 105 Mill Road.

101 Mill Road
101 Mill Road as seen from the rear (TC)

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